Real Links Referral Playbook

What's inside?

Probably the most comprehensive guide to implementing successful referrals in your business that's ever been written. 

PLUS - Exclusively for SmartRecruiters clients, an offer to pilot Real Links employee referral platform at very low cost.  

Bill shares practical guidance based on extensive market research and 35 years experience in businesses from start-up to enterprise to bring you a practical process to make referrals work in your business.  

What you'll learn

  • A series of research models to build a solid foundation
  • A simple, compelling business case template for referrals 
  • A SWOT analysis template for your employer brand 
  • 8 steps to running a successful focus group 
  • Building a rewards methodology that works 
  • 4 pillars of communication for engagement 
  • How referrals can support D&I


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