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the secret to hiring great
tech talent, fast

A practical guide to how referrals revolutionised tech hiring for this forward-thinking tech platform.

  • Build a talent pool of over 38,545 in 12 weeks
  • Generate more referrals in 12 weeks than the whole of the previous year
  • Fill all open tech roles 
  • Actively engage all of your employees with your referral scheme 

Kickstart your referral scheme today, and start hiring for your hard to fill tech roles.  Download the guide below. 



Real Links and Product Madness Present...

A guide designed to address the challenges you face with hiring great tech talent, supported from the point of view of Product Madness who recently completed their Real Links pilot and saw astronomical growth of the volume and quality of their referrals in just 12 weeks.

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The tech hiring landscape and challenges

Exploring market trends and tech hiring challenges, with unique insight from Product Madness on their challenges when it comes to hiring the best tech talent

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Tech and referrals - step by step guide 

Tech teams are actually one of the most effective users of referrals if implemented in the right way.  This guide offers a step by step guide on getting referral right for tech hiring.

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Employer brand for tech talent - checklist

Employer brand is particularly important when attracting tech talent. Use this checklist to ensure you're doing everything you can to attract the best tech talent to your brand.

"Within the first 3 months during the pilot period we'd already seen more referral hires than in the entirety of 2019" 

Kathryn Hainsworth, Senior Talent Acquisition Partner, Product Madness