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Driving Referral Participation

After running a successful referral workshop at a recent event, we're keen to expand the framework for implementing a referral scheme, and for you to have a practical process to drive referral participation throughout your business. So, we've developed the workshop to bring it online as a webinar.

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This webinar promises to be fun as well as brilliantly practical. Come along and share your referral stories, hear what's working and learn how Real Links client's are boosting referral-hires month on month!

What you'll take away...

This webinar will be interactive and we want you to feel you've got all you can from the collaboration. Here's what we'll cover:

  • Why hasn’t referral worked in the past?
  • How to create a solid foundation for referrals
  • Process, tech and the people - getting the mix right
  • A framework for driving referral participation


These webinars are proving really popular so we're now running monthly sessions.  Keep an eye out for the next date.

Thursday 1 October 2.30pm BST

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Sam Davies

CEO & C0-founder of Real Links

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Real Links and Product Madness Present...

During this webinar, you will hear from Product Madness who recently completed their Real Links pilot and saw astronomical growth of the volume and quality of their referrals in just 12 weeks.

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